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face serum oil 34.9$

it is S.O.S serum oil, made of  100% natural extracts, to help detoxifying, regenerate and vitalizing the dermal cell, to give better looks, this magic serum is useful for all skin types with a different skin condition, for different age group.

Brand name: SaMaR

Quantity: 30 ml 

Skin type: All

Application: before or after show better in massage form

Main ingredients: Aloe vera oil, Sesame oil , Argan oil, Chamomoile oil, Carrot oil, Avocado oil, multivitamines E,F,A,C.

Body relaxing oil
27.5 $

It is S.O.S massage oil that you can carry every where to gym, to work, during the travel, etc, and you can use it to relax your body anytime you feel muscle stress and pain, after long physical activity to enjoy your activities over and over gain, so it’s going to be your best friend of all time.
Brand name: SaMaR
Quantity: 50 ml 
Skin type: All
Application: body 
Main ingredients: frankincense, neem oil, geranium, lemon extracr, carnation, cinnamon, pepermint, Argan, sesame oil, avocado oil 

hair oil
29.9 $

It’s 100% natural oil, it is the best oil to give you nutrients that your hair needs, and clean your scalp from any microbes that would lead to pruritus, dandruff, and other hair conditions. This oil reaches with essential oil, vitamins, and polyphenols those ingredients make this product special and useful for your hair, you can use it in two different ways or as massage oil 10 minutes before you wash your hair, or after the shower as a moisturizer
Brand Name: SaMaR
Quantity: 75 ml 
Skin type: All
Application: Night better in massage form
Main ingredients: frankincense, neem oil, geranium, lemon extracr, carnation, cinnamon, pepermint, Argan, sesame oil, avocado oil 


against cellulite oil

This massage oil is great product to fight against the cellulite, it’s rich with essential oil and flavonoids and vitamins those ingredients are natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory help to fight the cellulite. However, applying this oil in massage form helps to activate the microcirculation in which improve the function of the dermal cell.
Brand Name: SaMaR
Quantity: 100 ml 
Application: massage form 
Main ingredients: Carrot extract, salvia officinalis, nigella sativa, rosemary, rosa moscheta, sunflowers

body oil firming/ slimming

Slimming / Firming 

This SOS body oil contains several natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-oxidant ingredients in blend of essential and vegetal. it hhelps to firm and tonning the body.

Brand name: SaMaR

Quantity: 100 ml

Application:  massaging form

Main Ingredients:- Rosa Moschata oil, Nigella Saliva, thyme oil, Sesame and Avocado oils. 

hair serum
stimulating/ regenerating 49.9$

stimulating / Regenerating 

This serum is rich with the anti-oxidant. Anti-inflammatory  oil, thsose ingredients helps to give strength to hair and reduce its falling, however, the essential oil help to activate hair growth.

Company: SaMaR

Quantity 50 ml

Application:  Before shower, massage scalp oil 3 to 4 times per week

Main ingredients: Aloe vera oil, Pumpkin oil, Rosemary oil, castor oil and multivitamins F,E.


This natural lipbalm is the best moisturizer at all time, help to regenerate, soften and moist the lips, it’s the best friend during wintertime, it fights the severe dryness and extreme weather change, because of the presence of the shea butter and beeswax
Brand Name: SaMaR
Quantity: 5 ml
Application: lips, any time of the day.
Main ingredient: shea butter, beeswax, sunflower, avocado, sesame.


bright intense

This product line designed with special technic to take care of skin problems, such as blemishes, dark spots, and imperfection


Brightening routine

Baby face results

treatment cleanse and toner
14.9 $


Brightening scrub
29.9 $


Brightening serum
34.9 $

face and neck

Brightening cream
29.9 $

evening care

Intense care

Face and neck serum
34.9 $

regenerating | lifting effects

eye serum
29.9 $

it gives solution to several problems, such as dark circle, puffiness, fine lines , and dryness

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