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We provide our customers with several types of unique & innovated products for their Physical, Mental health and Beauty.we choose for our clients that nature can offer. One of our best innovation is SaMaR cosmetic for skincare, in which we created different cosmetics,dermocosmetics and aromatherapy products.

Raw material

We provide a high-quality Raw materials, from organic resources, to help with supporting the environment, our natural ingredients are cultivated from its origin, especially Africa. Thus, we help the growth of rural areas in these regions

Online Shop & Networking

We aim to grow the biggest online shop in the world of beauty and health, through our shop we bring to customers hand best products. Moreover we help good businesses to grow and good product to get known

Our best products this month

Face serum Oil

it is S.O.S serum oil, made of  100% natural extracts, to help detoxifying, regenerate and vitalizing the dermal cell, to give better looks, this magic serum is useful for all skin types with a different skin condition, for different age group.

Relaxing body massage oil

It is S.O.S massage oil that you can carry every where to gym, to work, during the travel, etc, and you can use it to relax your body anytime you feel muscle stress and pain, after long physical activity to enjoy your activities over and over gain, so it’s going to be your best friend of all time. 

Hair revitalizing oil

It’s 100% natural oil, it is the best oil to give you nutrients that your hair needs, and clean your scalp from any microbes that would lead to pruritus, dandruff, and other hair conditions. This oil reaches with essential oil, vitamins, and polyphenols those ingredients make this product special and useful for your hair, you can use it in two different ways or as massage oil 10 minutes before you wash your hair, or after the shower as a moisturizer.  

What else we provide?

Online Doctors

Choosing the right product for your health and beauty won't be defficult anymonre, In less than 24 hours you can get your skin check by our doctors and get your health or beauty prescription. no more confusion while shopping, no more long line waiting.

Global coverage

We strongly believe in digital marketing and we know how to fly with your business in this world ​


We believe that innovation is a key to success. Hence, we always come up with new ideas that guarantee your first fight ticket. SaMaR for Skincare products is one of our unique accomplishment.

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"This lady is full of zeal, compassion and determination, someone you can put trust on that keep her promises, her 10 years of experience in different sectors, combined with various degrees, it makes her way to sucess is possible. 

Dr. Eman. A. M
CEO & General manager

" They are the best team ever, they can run your business perfectly and helps it to grow. they are people full of energy & creativity. the best of what your business can have.

The Team

Who we are

We are multinational company offers unique products and services for clients, our scope of working are skincare, healthy and beauty. Our skincare products include Cosmetics, Dermacosmetics & Supplements, we offer online shop where different brands are united. However, our expert team are well prepared to offet consultancy in different fields, Marketing & Sales, Cosmetics Formulations, etc.

  • Online Mall
  • Cosmetics, Skincare and Supplements
  • Natural ingredients
  • Consultancy and Services
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Natural ingredients
unique materials 92%
Online shop
S. Mall 96%
Cosmetic formulations 84%
SaMaR SkinCare products 95%


About us

SaMAR conducts a real estate of innovative Natural ingredients to serve the skincare solutions and cosmetic products, and Supplements, as well as, we aim to invest in Africa, to help in the development of the region. We provide an Online Mall were all special and innovative products and services gathered together in one place. 

Our Mission;

“We invest in green future, for better living quality, settlement, clean earth, and beautiful soul”, building a long term relationship between the customers and nature, by reaching the uniqueness in products and services. additionally, creating the bridge between the originality, innovation & technology. 

Our vision; 

Sustainability is the challenge that we are ready to fight for, we provide high-quality products that can reach the customer expectation as well as respect the environment.

Our core of value:

Our clients are our top priorities, thus we treat them with love care and respect. However, our growth is mainly built over invention, creativity, and innovation within the sustainability scope. We integrate honesty to build a bridge of faithful and transparency into all aspects of our business. We are working to build a better world for the coming generations. 

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